You've done it! You've perfected your gym game. Body looks great. People are giving you lots of positive feedback. You're turning heads!

But, you're not reaching your goals.

You're not as fast as you want to be

You're not as flexible as you want.

You're not as strong as you'd like.

You're not eating optimally (and that voice in your head just said, "what's that?").

You can't quiet your mind.

You can't find peace, as you have a constant emotional storm brewing.

And, meditation? Forget it.

Balance is Key...

Transformational Massage & Manual Therapy

Every session is customized for you!

Welcome!  Your well-being is the heart of our journey. 

Restrictions in your body are limiting you and keeping you from actualizing your goals. Those restrictions inhibit movement, flexibility, agility, growth and they impact our mental and emotional game. In fact, they inhibit our energy.

I'm here to “listen and follow.”  

Your body tells its own story.  While we share our experiences through storytelling, the body has it’s own language.  We’ll give your body the space it needs to tell its own story and we’ll follow what it’s telling us.

Your session is guided by your body and what makes you feel most at ease, ensuring a truly personalized experience.  These elements combine to elevate your experience into a realm of freedom, creating a sense of pure bliss and intimate connection with your inner self.

Experience the exquisite world of healing, where your inner you is at the forefront of our encounter.

I look forward to being "in touch!"


Improved Performance!

Improved Athletic Performance:

Massage is a practical tool for enhancing athletic performance. It effectively warms up muscles, boosts blood circulation, and reduces the risk of injuries. Many athletes and sports professionals rely on sports massages before important events or intense workouts to optimize their physical readiness.

Faster Recovery:

Massage is known for its ability to expedite muscle recovery. Its techniques promote healing, minimize discomfort, and reduce downtime from physical activities. Athletes can get back in action quicker, avoiding extended periods of rest caused by muscle injuries.

Enhanced Sleep Quality:

Quality sleep is essential for athletes. Massage contributes to better sleep by relaxing muscles and alleviating aches and pains that might disrupt sleep patterns. Relaxed muscles promote a sense of calm that can lead to improved sleep.

Reduced Soreness: Massage is a reliable remedy for muscle soreness. It decreases soreness and improves muscle flexibility, ensuring athletes stay on top of their game without being hindered by discomfort.

Psychological Benefits: Besides its physical advantages, massage also offers psychological benefits. It can help reduce anxiety, induce relaxation, and alleviate stress. This mental relief can positively impact athletic performance by providing the body and mind with a chance to unwind and refocus.

Wow, just wow.  I'm still floating.

My body is buzzing. 

I scheduled for 80 min.  Truthfully, I could have stayed on his table for 3 hours!  He’s quiet when he works and just “goes to work,” as he says. 

He found places that were tight and he was able to work that out so artfully.  It felt so good, so productive and I wasn’t wincing and breathing heavy and waiting for the moment to pass.  Instead, my body was just trusting this touch (I’m not sure what to say about that, exactly, but I don’t think I’ve had that experience before).

When he touches you, you feel “experience” in his hands.  Every aspect of his touch left me feeling more centered, relaxed, eventually settling into the table more deeply.  He calls this “stages of relaxation,” going deeper and deeper into a state of what I’m going to call: Bliss.  It was really amazing!

During the session, he covered my eyes, had nice music playing, a heated table, memory foam padding on his table and a warm and quiet dedicated space.  I honestly felt at home when I was with him.  I felt like he accepted me fully, no judgments.

If you haven’t found your person, he’s the real deal.  I had the same guy for 4 years and he recently went back to school and is no longer available.  I’ve been looking for his replacement and I’ve found him!  I have scheduled a weekly standing appointment and I’m so grateful for Rick and his gifts.

See him.  You won’t be disappointed!

J Johannsen

Unlock Your Body's Potential!